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Mission: To help grieving parents honor their child's memory through giving

Since I feel like Levi (in spirit) is always with me, I decided to start Levi Legacy Legos in hopes that I could continue his life through Legos. Levi had a beautiful smile that would make you feel welcome immediately, and his face would light up when he hung out with his friends. Levi was a lifelong Lego fan, so I decided to honor his memory by placing custom Levi Legacy Legos for people to find in his honor. With the intention of making other people happy. We have already made appearances in six different countries, while people all over the world are sharing their experiences as they travel with their Levi Legacy Legos. - Shelley Iverson (Levi's Mom)

Since then, I have met other grieving parents who wanted to do something similar to help them honor their child. In the future, I hope to be as helpful to them in the future as this Cause has been to me.

Let’s Support One Another 

Would you like to help with our mission or have you recently lost a child and want to collaborate on an idea and process to create a memoriable way of giving in their honor? Contact Shelley using the form below. 

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