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Levi died on May 15th, 2022

We lost Levi on May 15th, 2022. He was 19 years old. Levi was a passionate, friendly, and caring person. He took the time out for his family and friends because they meant the world to him. Some of his interests were water sports, hiking, traveling, music, video games, and legos.

Learn more about Levi's Life. 

Blue Water

Why Legos?

"I wanted to come up with a way where I could honor Levi by paying it forward. So I created Levi Legacy Legos. Each Lego is a custom lego with a big smile, cool hair, and a "Levi Lego 2022" message on the back of his sweatshirt. Levi was really into his appearance. He loved cool sweatshirts, designer tennis shoes, super expensive designer jeans, and T-shirts. He really enjoyed putting outfits together. So, I picked the best representation possible and created Levi Legacy Lego. If you find a Lego, please go to Levi Legacy Lego's Facebook Page, Instagram, or Twitter and post and share your story of where you found it. If you don't use Legos, be sure to give them to someone who likes to build with Legos. But please be sure to share your story first. " - Shelley Iverson (Levi's Mom)

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How To Help

Donation Information: 

I have to special order our Custom Legos. Each Levi  Legacy Lego costs approximately $15 to manufacture and ship, and they are not for sale.

Suppose you want to help fund our Pay It Forward mission. In that case, I accept donations. Click on the Donate Here button below or Scan the QR Code below. If you want to mail your donation, please send a check to 6666 Odana RD, #195, Madison, WI 53719.  

ALL Donations Received go toward producing more Levi  Legacy Legos.

Dispersing :

I have had a lot of requests to help "Leave a Lego to be Found," or what we call "Dispersing Legos."  I am very grateful for all the help. At this time, my friends and family are placing Levi Legacy Legos in unique places in the towns they live and the destinations where they travel. Contact me (the form is in the footer of the website) if you are interested in helping to disperse Levi Legacy Legos to be found. Please include your name, address, and ideas of where you'd like to leave them. I will reach out to you when I can. Again, my family and I are very grateful for your support. 

Notice: Levi Legacy Legos that are "found" are not allowed to be resold but are welcome to be regifted to stay within the confines of our mission.



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